Why I Blog

Why am I blogging? I’m a wannabe writer and I had a very successful WordPress blog four or five years ago. I was the sole person that wrote, researched and so on and it turned out very good.


Writing is a passion that I have had all my life, I had written several short stories when I was young. What I would give to still have those. It is a passion even though I have never had any classes about writing or I didn’t do well in English class. I don’t even know how to properly type. I type all of my post with two fingers but I have almost mastered it and rarely make spelling mistakes.


Grammar that is a different story, I am probably the worst writer in that category, but thank goodness for the program Grammarly :).

My dream is to write enough articles on the blog to form a book at a later date. One last reason I am blogging is that I am disabled and have nothing else to do.

It’s a long road But it’s worth it.

– Paul Cox

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